The Portuguese National Railway Museum Foundation and its unique mission

The Portuguese National Railway Museum Foundation (FMNF) was created in 2005 and it  became operational in 2007. Since then we have been working to create a big railway museum able to compete with the levels of excellence and visibility of the major railway museums in Europe.

A section of the Portuguese Railway Museum will officially open to the public in June 2014, displaying exhibits from different countries, enabling the presentation of the railway history of Portugal within an International context and from different perspectives. The Museum will be audacious, innovative and creative.

In addition to the Museum, FMNF runs the National Railway Documentation Centre that manages a large collection of railway documentation.

In the future, we will continue working on the implementation of the Railway Museum and on the restoration of heritage trains and other related vehicles. We will also keep contributing to LoCloud, where we act as the content provider for Portugal. We will also be testing the new tools developed by LoCloud and carrying out extensive dissemination of the project at the national level.

In December 2013, the year of the celebration of the Centenary of Tourism in Portugal, we successfully completed the restoration of the Portuguese Presidential Train. This emblematic train got back not only all its physical and functional capabilities, but also its full dignity as a heritage object of unique value.

Rescued from the past, the Presidential Train is functioning again and thanks to our cultural tourism trips all over Portugal, anyone can enjoy travelling on this remarkable train.  Looking forward to welcoming you on board! 

Maria José Teixeira, Projects Manager