Analysing content and metadata schemas

Since last summer, the LoCloud technical partners, with the involvement of project content providers, have been evaluating and appraising the content and metadata among collections being contributed to Europeana through LoCloud.

One of the LoCloud's main objectives is to ensure interoperability and compliance between the native metadata of digital objects held by heritage institutions and the metadata used by Europeana. To this purpose, LoCloud aims to utilise intermediary schemas that will then be mapped to the Europeana metadata standard.

A survey carried out amongst the partners during the initial phase of the project has identified the CARARE and LIDO metadata standards as the preferred schemas to be used in LoCloud as intermediaries to EDM, the schema introduced by Europeana to improve on ESE, its first data model.

Deliverable 1.2: Definition of Metadata Schemas, released at the end of September 2013, provides an overview of the existing metadata standards currently used by cultural institutions, including the Europeana EMD and ESE, and the main criteria which led to the selection of CARARE and LIDO as intermediate schemas for LoCloud.     

In addition to this, both content and metadata among collections participating in LoCloud have been evaluated and appraised. 

The content, which LoCloud will contribute to Europeana, includes new content provided by content partners, content from local institutions from the partner’s regional networks, as well as some content already ingested in the CARARE repository. The content was appraised and evaluated with regard to fitness-for-purpose, completeness and quality.

Read the full report from Deliverable 1.3 Content and Metadata Analysis