ABM Resurs: connecting galleries, libraries, museums and archives in Sweden

ABM Resurs is a joint platform funded by the Västernorrland County Museum, the County Library of Västernorrland and the Regional State Archives of National Archives.

The objectives of ABM Resurs are to cooperate with and connect the GLAM institutions (galleries, libraries, archives and museums) in the region. Our activities include networking, participation in research projects, organisation of conferences and workshops, and development of projects responding to specific  needs. In 2006 ABM Resurs became a permanent organisation.

The nature of ABM Resurs allows for a lot of experimentation and joint projects with institutions which do not  have resources or in-house specialists to undertake the whole project work. We cooperate with similar regional platforms and interconnect people whenever there is scope and  benefits to work together.

ABM Resurs has a profile of working with digital projects, digitising, and digital infrastructure. During the past decade we have been involved in many European projects such as MICHAEL, Athena, EuropeanaLocal and we are currently cooperating on Europeana Inside, Culture Cloud and LoCloud. This has made us very experienced in mapping of metadata, transport protocols, database convertion, etc.

Our current focus is on the Collections Management System Collective Access (CA), an open source code set developed in the USA. This  has been adopted by a consortium of regional museums and ABM Resurs in Sweden. CA offers the possibility to use different standardised schemas for content. It provides schemas for archives, libraries, museum collections and other relevant institutions . We have installed the SPECTRUM schema and made a brief translation of the front-end, descriptions and data fields. We are also involved in the ‘official’ translation of SPECTRUM into Swedish which will be completed in  2014.

Our Interest in LoCloud relates to the public affairs of the GLAM sector, which  has the objective of being open for the civil society’s interest in digitised cultural heritage. For ABM Resurs this means gathering digitised images, films, recordings, photos and archival objects and to be a reference point on the internet for the history of our region. A regional cloud utility gives individuals  and small societies a chance to store and publish their content, and  to relate it to other content within  a wider context.

Bengt Wittgren

Senior Project Coordinator, ABM Resurs Västernorrland