On 28-29 November the LoCloud partners will gather in a Plenary Meeting to discuss progress of work and future workplan.   

LoCloud has published two new public deliverables:

D1.2:Definition of Metadata Schemas

This deliverable describes the identification of the metadata schemas to be used within the project as intermediaries to Europeana Data Model (EDM), the schema introduced by Europeana to improve on ESE, its first data model.

D1.3:Content and metadata analysis

During the planning stage of LoCloud, in association with content partners, the Athena Research Centre (DCU) evaluated and appraised content and metadata among collections participating in LoCloud. This deliverables describes the methodology used, including the results of a survey and the conclusions of three content providers workshops organised between August and September.  

All public deliverables are made accessible from this page.

LoCloud have recently submitted the two first public deliverables of the project.

Deliverable 1.1 - Report on the State-of-the Art Monitoring and Situation Analysis

This report provides a state-of-the art analysis of cloud computing and makes an assessment of aspects of the cloud relevant to the needs of the project and, in general, to small and medium sized institutions. The report aims to inform content providers in their further action planning. The report was compiled by The Danish Agency for Culture, Rijksdienst voor het Cultureel Erfgoed in the Netherlands, The Spanish Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte, Vilniaus Universitas in Lithuania, Universitaet Duisburg-Essen in Germany and Univerzita Komenskeho v Bratislave in Slovakia.

Deliverable 6.1 - Initial Dissemination Plan

This document presents a dissemination strategy for LoCloud, covering months 1 to 24 of the project.

All project public deliverables will be made available from this page.

Participants at the LoCloud content providers workshop

Participants at the LoCloud content providers workshop

The first in a series of three workshops for LoCloud content providers was held in Copenhagen on the 29th and 30th August.