The Hacettepe University, from Turkey, one of LoCloud partners, will present LoCloud at the 4th International Symposium on Information Management in a Changing World - IMCW2013 which wil take place in Limerick, Ireland, on 4-6 September.

A public survey for house-museums in Europe has been recently launched by LoCLoud. The survey, developed by Fondazione Ranieri di Sorbello, one of the project partners, aims to gather information from European house museums about their digitised collections.

The Archaeology Data Service (ADS) at the Department of Archaeology - University of York, UK supports research, learning and teaching with high quality and dependable digital resource.

Within LoCloud ADS plays a major role in the requirements phase (WP1) as well as in European, international and national dissemination work in the UK (WP6).

Since its start in March 2013, LoCloud has focused on a state-of-the-art analysis of the collections and metadata of content providers (those partners providing content to Europeana), has carried out an action plan survey amongst partners and gathered preliminary information on the geographic metadata of content provider and reviewed cloud computing technologies. The aim was to identify all needs and requirements necessary to inform future work. 

LoCloud  aims to  enable heritage organisations, particularly of small and medium size, to make their contents accessible via Europeana.

House museums are, usually, small institutions, with no effective aggregators, but with close links to a  particular locality.  They have, therefore, the potential to enrich Europeana with unique digital contents, carrying a strong local  flavour.  In addition, house museums hold collections of significant value which are often little known and not available online.

DC-2013 will bring together in Lisbon the community of metadata scholars and practitioners to engage in the exchange of knowledge and best practices in developing a sustainable metadata ecosystem.